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Take a look at some of our projects located in and around Manitoba

Community Planning

Your community’s vision and goals drive the planning process which looks at livability, mobility, serviceability, and sustainability. Together, we create strategic guidelines for balanced growth.

PROJECT LIST UPS Wpg Distribution Centre Advisory Services, Gaudette Planning Advisory Services, Fahr Planning Advisory Services, MIA Planning Advisory Services, Timothy Bay Subdivision, Niverville Development Plan & Zoning Bylaw Review, Burek Planning & Advisory Services, Ladco Due Dillegence, Wheat City Master Plan, East Brandon Industrial Area Secondary Plan, PVWC Master Plan Update & Drought Management Study, Virden Trucking Yard Planning & Engineering, SE Property Development Design, 84 Waterstone Dr. Covered Walkway Variance/Permits, Planning District Development Plan Review, Islamic Association Sports Field Plan, Coopman Crescent, The Highlands Subdivision Concept Plan, Stony Mountain Subdivision, McEwan Subdivision, Gimli Subdivision, Loudon Road Subdivision, Green Oasis Pilot Facility Planning, Peguis Street Rezoning, Berger Peat Processing Plant, Poplar Bluff Industrial Park, Sturgeon Road Industrial Development, Southwest Planning District Development Plan Review, VBJ Winnipeg Property Advisory Services, Bournais Drive Development Due Diligence, Landmark Development, St. Clements Danko Drive Approvals, Prairie Grove Subdivision, Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, Arborg Commercial Subdivision Plan, Steep Rock Area Development Plan, St. Laurent Cottage Development Planning, Louise Residential Developments, Boissevain Morton Development Plan, Morris Development Land Drainage Plan, Whitedog Community Residential Development, Landmark Commercial Site Plan, Charleswood Lands Planning Services, Dauphin Canadian Tire, Portage la Prairie Residual Hospital Lands

Subdivision Development

Subdivision development turns your vision from a concept to reality. Regardless of the parcel size, we work with you through feasibility, subdivision approvals, engineering design and construction.


PROJECT LIST Ravelston Avenue West Development, Second Avenue North Subdivision, Amberfield Subdivision, Parkland Subdivision, Oakbank Subdivision, Parkhill Subdivision, St. Joseph Road Subdivision, Deerwood Road Subdivision, 71 Chrysler Gate, Lot Grading & Servicing Plan, Oakbank Subdivision Development, Parkhill Subdivision, Steinbach, St.Joseph Rd Subdivision, La Broquerie, Subdivision - Deerwood Road - Hanover, 424 Bower Ave Lot Grading, Blumberg Trail Subdivision, Headingley, Brookfield Meadows Subdivision - St. Francois Xavier, Carriere Rd. Subdivision - La Broquerie, Dawson Rd Mixed-Use Development, Lorette, Fifth Avenue Estates Subdivision Niverville, Fifth Avenue Estates West Subdivision, Niverville, Hampton Village Subdivison, Hanover Road Subdivision, Hanover MB, Hillside Crescent Estates Subdivision, Blumenort, Kleefed North Subdivision, Lakeshore Dr.Subdivision, St. Malo, Mitchell South Subdivision, Neepawa Modular Home Development, Northside Meadows Subdivsion Phase 1, Anola, Northwood Subdivision Phase 1, Grunthal, Roger & Georgia Taillieu Subdivision, St.Francois Xavier, Selkirk Meadows Site Development, Southview Developments Subdivsion Phase 5, Sunset Acres Subdivision, New Bothwell, Williams Creek Subdivision, Steinbach, Woodland Park Subdivision - New Bothwell COMMERCIAL Industrial Road Commercial Development, Penn-Co Subdivision, Seine River Trail Phase 3, The Grande Subdivision,  94 Industrial Road Commercial Development (Steinbach), Penn-Co Subdivision (Steinbach), The Grande Subdivision (Grande Pointe), Cobblestone Landing Commercial Subdivision, Dufferin Landing Phase 1, McKenzie West Subdivision (Hanover), Mitchell Commercial Development, Stonewall Advocate Engineering - 1st Street West Subdivision, Upland Subdivision (Mitchell), Virden Commercial Development Drainage Review

Site Development

As part of your team, we prepare your site for construction. From surveying and engineering design to construction, we are responsible for your project getting off to a solid start.

Educational / Recreational
Health Care

PROJECT LIST 1640 Leila Ave Townhouse Development, 780 & 800 Ravelston Multi-Family Development, Ballantrae Drive Multi Family Development, Brighton Lane Multi-Family Development, Parkland Condo Dev. Lot 7 Access Road, 232 Woodhaven Ave. 9 Plex Development, 2525 Pembina Hwy Student Residences, 301 Archibald St., Building Renovation/Addition, 62-68 Ashford Lane Townhouse Development, Steinbach, 70 First Street Multi-Family Development, 839 Panet Road 6 Plex Development, Best Western Hotel, Neepawa, Kildonan Heights Multi-Family Development, Kleefeld - Main Street Condo - LPS Capacity Review, Main St. Condo Drainage Plan - Kleefeld, MB, Murano Gardens Development - 1044 Wilkes Ave, 110 Industrial Road Site Development, Stienbach, 1201 St. Anne's Road Townhouse Development, 128 Industrial Road Site Development, Steinbach, 132-136 Industiral Rd Site Development, Steinbach, 214 Girton Blvd Lot Grading, 3rd Street Residential Site Development, Steinbach, 3rd Street Steinbach -  Multi Family Development, 44 First Street Multi-Family Site Development, Steinbach, 4th Ave South Multi-Family Site Development, Niverville, Ashford Lane Townhouse Development, Steinbach, Aspen Greens Multi-Family Development, Callington Park Multi-Family Development, Mackinley Towns Multi-Family Site Development, Riverstone & Redview Terrace Condo Development, Woodford Townhouse Development  COMMERCIAL

Municipal Infrastructure

Municipal projects are scrutinized more closely than most. We work hard at being on time, on budget, and communication so that your infrastructure systems keep running smoothly.

Street & Sidewalks
Water & Sewer 

PROJECT LIST Steinbach Capital Works Program, Hanover Infrastructure Study, East St. Paul 2017 Road Reconstruction Program, Sienna Ridge South Subdivision - Road Deficiency Investigation, Court Avenue Extension - Winnipeg, Loewen Blvd North Development, Millennium Drive Extension - Altona, Selkirk 2017 Capital Works Program Steinbach Capital Works Program, Hanover Infrastructure Study, Killarney 2017 Backlane WM & WW Sewer Renewals, Water & Sewer Extensions - Oak Point & Oakden Killarney, Court Avenue Extension - Winnipeg, Loewen Blvd North Development, Millennium Drive Extension - Altona, Selkirk 2017 Capital Works Program

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